The Downward Spiral


Fear rushing through my veins
It has surely become my blood
I was expecting my visions to come true
Instead more sufferings I have to fight through
As though my head wasn’t already imploding
As though I could stand another merciless feeling
You keep pushing pushing trying to put me down
I’m afraid I think this time I’ve given up already
I’ll let you under my skin my lifeless body
Which you will turn into your kingdom and tear down

The light that grew dark but shined is now a black hole
A glimpse of emptiness slowly ruining it all
You are the demon the beast swallowing me in
You hurt burn turn to ashes a fight I cannot win
My only hope is silent: despair or sorrow
To end it all I’d have my heart pierced by an arrow

The Downward Spiral

I need to write

I need to write
I need to put it down
There’s something here
That I just can’t describe

Surrounded with people
Yet I feel so lonely
Smiling every day
Yet I am empty

I don’t know what this is
It’s a disease
More than that
It’s like a breeze

Filling my lungs with absent-minded pain
Making me choke as I break down in despair

Then for a moment
Our eyes meet and I feel something again
But when the last word is said
The feeling that was there is slain

Or sometimes without a word
You who I wish to talk to 
Walk past me not even seeing
The sharp sword you pierce through my fragile being