The Downward Spiral


Épuisé sans vie je languis sur terre
J’appréhende le malheur la misère
Un lendemain nouveau meilleur j’espère

The Downward Spiral

Tu m’enterres

Tu me connais mais tu ne me comprends pas
Je crie à tes oreilles mais tu ne m’écoutes pas
Je te touche mais tu ne me sens pas
Je pleurs je meurs mais tu ne le vois pas
Quelles que soient mes peines et mes colères
Je ne peux m’exprimer ou tu ne peux m’écouter
Mes larmes évaporées font brûler mes yeux asséchés
Sans énergie sans envie je traîne sur terre
Tu m’es si proche et lointain je te parle tu m’enterres

The Downward Spiral

Mere creation

I wanna scream
But my mouth is shut
Tight and locked
No sound reaches me
Nothing I can see
Yet neither blind or deaf
It’s just me
Invisible is my pain
Soaked under the rain
Shadowed by the clouds
I’d like to cry so loud
Hands motionless
I try I guess
But this inspiration
Is mere creation
Obliged writing
To recover my feelings

The Downward Spiral

I need to write

I need to write
I need to put it down
There’s something here
That I just can’t describe

Surrounded with people
Yet I feel so lonely
Smiling every day
Yet I am empty

I don’t know what this is
It’s a disease
More than that
It’s like a breeze

Filling my lungs with absent-minded pain
Making me choke as I break down in despair

Then for a moment
Our eyes meet and I feel something again
But when the last word is said
The feeling that was there is slain

Or sometimes without a word
You who I wish to talk to 
Walk past me not even seeing
The sharp sword you pierce through my fragile being