On My Way

Against you

You’re awake when your conscience is not
I’m asleep as you tell me to rot
I’m aware of all the doors locked
I don’t need you I only need luck

The Downward Spiral


Cet enivrant pâteux recueil est mon quotidien matinal
La paralysie ronge mes veines ma peur et mes peines
Dans ma tête un cri un appel à la vie général
Je ne peux écrire je ne ressens rien
Ni douleur ni colère
Ni existence présente
Ni rêves et autres attentes
Alors que le soleil à son apogée
Brûle mes chances déjà consumées
Je fixe mon regard dans le vide
Mon esprit se perd translucide
Je m’effondre tout entier
Sans un bruit sans pleurer

The Downward Spiral

Blind mind

I am a wanderer
I have seen thousands of places
thousands of sceneries
I have tasted thousands of flavors
smelled thousands more
But I’m not replenished
I am but sheepish
I talk to voids
See no crowds
A sole solipsism
Standing through my isms
My mottos my advice
Yet not abiding by one once
I look out
Never speak out
I bleed out
Never react
I cry out
Never out loud
For fear of going too mad
I’m the brightness going blind
From the darkness of my mind

The Downward Spiral


Fear rushing through my veins
It has surely become my blood
I was expecting my visions to come true
Instead more sufferings I have to fight through
As though my head wasn’t already imploding
As though I could stand another merciless feeling
You keep pushing pushing trying to put me down
I’m afraid I think this time I’ve given up already
I’ll let you under my skin my lifeless body
Which you will turn into your kingdom and tear down

The light that grew dark but shined is now a black hole
A glimpse of emptiness slowly ruining it all
You are the demon the beast swallowing me in
You hurt burn turn to ashes a fight I cannot win
My only hope is silent: despair or sorrow
To end it all I’d have my heart pierced by an arrow